IPB Insurance Supports Local Community Initiatives
Thank you for your interest in the IPB Youth & Community Fund, which is now closed for applications

The IPB Youth and Community Fund is open to all community or voluntary groups, local clubs or associations, not-for-profit and charitable organisations operating at a local level within the Republic of Ireland. IPB Insurance is delighted to invite you to apply for funding to support community projects which promote social inclusion.

Your organisation must be:

  • Operating at a local level within the Republic of Ireland
  • Established for at least 12 months
  • Applying for an initiative that fall under one of the six categories
  • Applying for an initiative that will be completed in 2014


We've prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) to provide you with further information on the fund and how to apply, click here for more details.

Your Opportunity To Make A Difference

At IPB Insurance, we are extremely conscious of the invaluable contribution made by community and voluntary groups throughout Ireland in helping to make a difference for people in their local area. IPB is passionate about making a difference in society and believe that by working together we can create a brighter future for all our communities and our people.

Our goal is to strengthen local communities by increasing community participation and promoting social inclusion through the stimulation and support of local organisations and initiatives. We are delighted to allocate funding of €1 Million through our Corporate Social Engagement Framework to establish the IPB Youth & Community Fund.

Before you Apply, Consider The Following
  • Are we right for you? Consider the levels of funding available.
  • We know nothing about your project, so try not to make assumptions.
  • Don't waste words; focus on what information is useful and what we need to know.
  • Be realistic in what you want to achieve and clear on your target audience.
  • You do the math. Have you clearly worked out what funding is required?
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Promote and contribute to projects of an artistic nature that directly benefit local communities and involve local people
    • Preserve and enhance local identity and the unique artistic and culture assets of a community through a variety of activities
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Develop and enhance facilities within the community, (e.g. a community house).
    • Offer opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage in programmes that promote social inclusion
    • Enhance local business integration within the community through community partnership projects
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Promote participation in Physical/Mental health and wellbeing programmes
    • Aim to prevent isolation and loneliness
    • Assist independent living
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Promote civic responsibility by getting people involved in shaping and looking after their local environment
    • Assist in the upgrading of (not replacement) physical improvement and development of civic ownership of local amenities (e.g. allotments)
    • Seeks to bring previously developed land back into public use
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Increases opportunities for people with all levels of abilities to engage with others in physical activity and sport
    • Encourage regular participation in physical activity, sport and a healthy lifestyle
    • Re-engage young people through physical activity and sporting programmes
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category include those that:

    • Provide young people with access to additional youth facilities and activities
    • Promote active youth participation within the local community
    • Add value to existing youth facilities and programmes

17 January 2014
28 February 2014

Announcements of approved proposals were made by 28 February 2014. Click here for a full list of approved proposals.

Funding applications between €2,500 - €7,000 and €10,000 - €15,000 will be considered.

Assessment Process

To find out more about the assessment process read here.